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Intenza International is a fast growing nutraceutical company specialising in trusted herbal sex products for Australasia and the world.

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    Intenza International and the founding company it grew from have been in business since 1999 assisting thousands of happy customers to enjoy better relationships and enhanced sexual performance.

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    Intenza International’s leading brands include:
    • Herbal Ignite for Men
    • Herbal Ignite for Women
    • Prostate Powerflow

  • Our

    Co-founders Tim Bickerstaff and Jenny Wheeler had a mission to cater for men and women wanting to get the most out of life.

    • Former radio talkback host Tim was willing to talk publicly about men’s health issues at a time when many men still preferred to keep silent.
    • In 2006 Sam Kamani joined the company and became a director in 2010.
    • Under Jenny and Sam the company continues to focus on helping men and women build happy confident lives and better sexual relationships.

  • Our

    Our origins in New Zealand give us unique natural advantages in clean environment and high manufacturing standards.
    Like our nation we have a fresh open approach to business and encourage innovation.

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    We have a close relationship with our customers, and care about finding a successful solution to their personal health queries. We do this by
    • Handling all calls and orders directly
    • Dealing with personal health with discretion and understanding
    • Giving back to the community through organisations like Hagar International
    We are committed to producing health supplements of
    • consistent quality
    • consistent effectiveness
    • and consistent customer service
    Our goal is also the consistent steady growth of our business in Australasia and the world.
    Unlike many health supplement companies our business is clearly visible and readily contactable.
    • We have registered business premises in Auckland New Zealand
    • A wholesale facility in Sydney Australia
    • Freephone numbers which are personally answered by our staff
    • Our customer contracts include a quality guarantee and refund on returned product
    • We do not automatically debit credit cards or share customer information

  • Our

    Our supplements and gels improve sexual health:
    • Aid better erections
    • Lift libido and energy
    • Support hormonal balance
    • Relieve frequent urination
    • Improve natural lubrication
    • Enhance sexual response
    • Increase emotional wellbeing
    Our products are formulated to help with common midlife health issues like:
    • Declining erectile strength
    • Enlarged prostate
    • Menopausal imbalance
    • Reduced natural lubrication
    • Low libido
  • Our

    Many of the herbs in our products have been recognised in traditional medicine for centuries. Increasingly scientific research has backed their effectiveness in supporting sexual and reproductive health.
    Ingredients include:
    • Tribulus terrestris
    • Horny goat weed
    • Avena Sativa
    • Damiana
    • Dong Quai
    • Peruvian Seven Roots
    • L-arginine

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    Share LIFE
    At Intenza we are committed to harnessing the holistic benefits of whole natural herbs for pure and powerful solutions for full health and vigor into midlife.
    Our Health Warrant of Fitness includes commitment to:
    It’s not the number of years we live but the life in the years

    We no longer accept an automatic decline in sexual health and relationships with age
    Men have the right to quality information about health issues arising from aging, and the opportunity and encouragement to join the conversation about options available to them.
    Couples deserve the chance to maintain exciting vibrant relationships into their mature years and to be provided with the tools and support to help make this happen.